26th-31st of January 2018

26th-31st of January 2018





GotoAndSurf (CABo VERDE),
GotoAndSurf (CABo VERDE),

GotoAndSurf 2018 has come to an end, but stay tuned for next years edition. Until then check out our gallery and social media section for an update about what went down during the event.

Welcome to our second edition of gotoAndSurf

Our event is an unconference where we mix creativity, entrepreneurship, positivity and many activities such as wave surfing, kite surfing, wind surfing, stand up paddling, hiking, jeep tours of the island etc.
It’s intended for anyone who’d like to travel and explore new places. Meet new people from all corners of the world and go back home with fresh new ideas and a re-wired brain.
The format for this year is simple: “there’s no agenda until the attendees created one themselves” in true open space format. Any attendees to gotoAndSurf are encouraged to present a 10-minutes
talk about anything that’s on their mind. You can share your knowledge, any insights and hard earned life experiences.
Some speakers have talked about their film projects; others about their photography projects. Others have inspired us by sharing smart workflows and design processes and others have shared research findings.
Our moderator/speaker Jennifer Kite-Powell will try to find a common theme from all the presentations and when possible try to get a group discussion going.



The Basics

If this is your first time traveling to Sal Cabo Verde make sure your passport expiry date is more than 6 months from now.
All visitors require a 40 Euros visa (done at the airport upon arrival).
The Euro is an accepted currency so no need for any exchange of currencies of any kind if you’re coming from Europe.

2017 Video & Photos

See Anders Printzs (one of the speakers) own take on what happened during these five memorable days in this colorful video:


Q. What kind of stuff do I bring with me to gotoAndSurf?
A. We recommend you to travel light! Traveling to Sal Santa Maria is like traveling to any holiday destination in the sun like Spain, Portugal and north Africa. When packing, remember that you’re traveling to spend time at the beach in a place where the temperature is around 25 degrees centigrade or 77 degrees Fahrenheit all year round.
During the winter holiday season, it’s usually very windy (hence why kite surfing and windsurfing is on the gotoAndSurf activities menu!), so make sure to bring a hoodie or a warm sweater for those windy moments and colder evenings.
Be aware that everything from food to sunscreen to bottled water is imported from other Islands or main land Europe – so things may be a little pricey. But there are several cheaper Chinese stores around Santa Maria with imported goods at a much cheaper price.
If you need any fancy hair care products, hair dryer etc, it’s advised you bring them with you or check with your hotel in advance. Some hotel accommodations (such as the lovely Porto Antigo) are privately owned and some hotel rooms may conveniently have everything from microwave ovens to gaming consoles while others may have just a bed and a bathroom.
Q. Is there any vegetarian/vegan food at the hotel?
A. Please check with your hotel (if you’ve booked an all-inclusive package) to find out if they serve vegetarian food.

The Activities

For those interested in surfing or kite surfing lessons there will be opportunity to book lessons for the sum of 30 euros/lesson (paid at the venue).
Included is a lunch available every day at the 32 Cabo Verde venue. This is a good opportunity for all GotoAndSurf attendees to huddle up and plan their afternoon activities together.

The Party

We will arrange a last night evening party (Tuesday the 30th) where we will mingle with other participants and locals alike. Don´t worry, the day after is a chill day so no hours to keep or places to be.

The Cast

Come back soon for more speakers.

Jennifer Kite-Powell

Anders Printz

Roman Pixell

Jenny Chiem

Rogério Serrasqueiro

Josefine Lopes Helgesson

Johan Lopes Helgesson

Neida Oliveira

Adilson Ramos

Dany Obradovic Duarte



Where is the event.

GotoAndSurf - Cabo Verde will be hosted by 32 Cabo Verde in the city of Santa Maria on Sal Island.

When is the event.

The event wil take place between:
26th to the 31st of January 2018

Cabo Verde - Sal


Quick Links:
This event has a limited number of attendees so please make sure you don´t miss out and make your reservation a.s.a.p.
Contact Details:
Rua 1 de Junho #32
Caixa Postal 135
4110 Santa Maria
Sal Island
Cabo Verde
Tel (+238) 2421049
E-mail: info[at]gotoandsurf.com